Corporate Solutions

от 15 000 грн.

Full representation of the company in the network to attract new partners and communicate with existing customers.

Online Stores

от 25 000 грн.

Interactive web resource for the sale of goods and services. Has high functionality and is resistant to loads.

Individual development

от 50 000 грн.

Exclusive design of a site with an individual format of service, developed for the business processes of a particular customer

Development on Bitrix

от 20 000 грн.

Creation of sites on the platform 1C-Bitrix - a system with a wide functionality of the administration panel.

Website for government

то 15 000 грн.

Sites for open interaction between state institutions and persons interested in their work.


от 100 000 грн.

Software for automation of processes of interaction with customers and optimization of marketing.

Promotion in TOP (SEO)

от 8 000 грн.

The conclusion of a site in the top search engine of Google for certain targeted inquiries to increase sales or advertising.

contextual advertising

от 1 000 грн.

Placement of effective advertisements of your company's website in Google search results.


от 4 500 грн.

Comprehensive evaluation analysis of external and internal factors affecting the ranking of the site in search engines.



Filling of a web resource with qualitative text information, understandable to the user and optimized for search engines.

Reputation Management on the Internet

от 4 000 грн.

Formation of a positive and successful image of the company in the Internet environment Monitoring of the mention and management of feedback.

Maintenance of uninterrupted work of a site

от 4 000 грн./год

Ensuring a stable and fast operation of the resource. Emergency recovery of working capacity. Backing Up Data.

Correcting program errors

от 500 грн.

Complex of works on correction of errors on the site: in design, program code, imposition, content and security.

Content Management

от 4 000 грн.

Regular content of the site with unique content. Competent linking and filling tags. Moderation of the project.

Finalizing projects


Run the work in progress of the previous webmasters. Add or update modules and plug-ins. Redesign.

Introduction of CRM-system

от 3 000 грн.

Complex services for the implementation of CRM-systems. Optimize the business process and achieve maximum efficiency.

Automation of production management

от 40 000 грн.

Integration of business processes of an enterprise into a single accounting system, to create a well-functioning operational activity.

Integration of the site with 1C or other

от 4 000 грн.

A comprehensive solution for automating Internet sales. Interaction and support of two-way data exchange.